Hello everyone,
I am in the Santa Barbara now.
This is a really the wonderful place....

I walk around on State Street,where everyone is walking around!
They are lots of stores there,such as Macy's,A&F,Coach,Victoria's Secret,GAP,
and Yes,AVEDA ,there are three Aveda in Santa Barbara.....(Two stores for hair&produce/One stoe for products)
I chose one of the store ,today I going to have a haircut today...I am so excited all this things..

I went here on sunday 20 July(Taiwan time is Monday)
Monday21: I had a exam to seprate the class.I got 5E......(1-8)
Tuesday22:I went to State Street!I went to the Beach---Stearns Wharf
Wednesday23:I went to State Street!SB liberary/Post office/shopping~~~
Thursday24: Aveda ---haircut!!

The weather is so cool and good!!
It sometimes rains and foggy in the morning....

Well~~that's I want to report now..

PS: I only can type in English ...I am sorry about that!!

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  • helenomeara
  • Hello, I am really happy for you, hope you will enjoy your stay there and don't forget to share your life with us on your blog.
  • Thank you so much!!

    I will write to the diary when I come back to Taiwan!!

    I upload some pictures on album!!

    markangel 於 2008/08/14 15:32 回覆