The details please go Republic of China (Taiwan) web site,
2.Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault
About Domestic Violence, Asking for Help, Protecting and Assisting,

3.Foreign Spouses
Children Enterovirus-, The addresses and telephone numbers of health bureaus nationalwide, Immunization,

NHI deductibles raised, Guides for Foreign Taxpayers,
Educational Institutions for Foreign Residents, Test of Proficiency-huayu, ,

6.Medical/Health (WEB), About National Health Insurance, Health check Service (chinese only),

Outline for Foreigners Working in Taiwan, Frequently Asked Questions for Foreign Professional Workers, What Foreign Professionals Need to Know While Working in Taiwan,

Information on Airport Services, Regulations Regarding Customs Clearance, FAQs on Visa and EntryExit Services,

9.Residence/Stay (latest application forms)
About FAQ, The Address, Telephone No., and Fax No. of the NIA’s Border Affairs Corps, The Address, Telephone No., and Fax No. of the NIA,s Service Centers,
Travel Information Services, About Taiwan, Travel Advisory,

About Transportation FAQ, Taxi Calling Services in Taipei, Traffic Accidents,

Information for Pet-keeping, Renting, House Transactions,

Fire Safety Tips, 10 Residential Fire Safety Tips, Notes on Home Security,

14.Environmental protection
Resource Recycling, Household Wastes Disposal, FAQ for Household Waste Disposal,

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  • charles
  • If anyone in Taipei need cars to transportation pls call 0939727225
  • Thanks for your sharing!!

    markangel 於 2010/12/01 22:50 回覆

  • Tin
  • hi, thanks for sharing! Maybe you would like to share some English job search engine for foreigners. I found this one quite useful.
    Careerjet Taiwan (English)
    this one is chinese version.
  • Thanks for sharing! IT's useful,I can find jobs for WH!!XD

    markangel 於 2013/01/15 22:09 回覆